Watch How A Black Guy Intervenes And This Tough Guy Changes His Tone Completely

The placing is some shady pizza place. The situation is a verbal abuse session going on between two customers probably because of some pizza thing. Since pizza is one thing that people literally take to their hearts.

So this though guys is on a very strong verbal abuse and yelling session over another customer which is not so much visible even till the end of the video. The session is quite abusive and well demands censorship for kids. Doesn’t matter that’s what all our kids hear and go through at all the different places we almost go to.

The guy is really tough over the other guy standing far far away from him, he first puts on his sweater and then takes it off during the session, probably the thing was getting too much heated for him to handle. The twist was when a huge black guy intruded, very calmly though. The guy just mentioned that he has no intention to put up with your sh** and has no sides for anyone. All he wants is that, ‘You stop screaming in my ear’. Some more abuse from the black guy’s side, quite calm again though. But that was when the tough guy got the hint that he ain’t the only toughy in this place and that he should gather up his stuff and get his a** out of here before he either embarrasses himself or even worse, end up in a fight.

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