Women are very much like cats, they can never get over with their curiosity about stuff. They have to eavesdrop on to everything, women have got to know whatever is happening in their best friend’s life and the life of friends who are friends with your best friend, I mean they just want to enlarge their broadcast circle.

This girlfriend too was the cat of the relationship always looking in to things which were not supposed to be looked into before time. The boyfriend had how she always spoilt the surprise by peeking in to the present half way before the time. So he pulled off a prank just so her curiosity can come to an end. On their 3 year anniversary instead of getting her a box of chocolates, he got her one filled with cockroaches, I mean what a wonderfully mean way to get back on your woman. When he left the car asking her not to open the box until he was back with the main present, she couldn’t help herself and opened up the box, to her surprise all she could do afterwards was to scream and jump off the seat like a crazy cat.

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