This Young Wanna be Gangster Gets The Harshest Dose Of Reality Ever Dealt On TV!

Tons of kids think too much about themselves.

As they grow old and start deciding what kind of jeans and a matching tee they are going to wear on their own they think they have the right to decide the bigger things in their lives. They believe they are the sole owners of their life and their decisions and there is no such thing as parental interference or presence anywhere in their lives. This is where they start ruining their future by their very own hands.

Beyond Scared Straight is a reality show where teens n even kids got stuck in gangs and they thought this is the life they are meant to live. Though, from the inside they got scared and bullied several hundred times but they took it as a way to learn and gain power. These kids are shown into one of the scariest and brutal jails in Georgia and the inmates just gave them an insight snout how pleasurable life becomes when they permanently become a member of the jail and face such people every day, every hour. A real shock to see how the kids were treated this way just according to a plan to bring some sense inside of them.

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