It Took This Man 3 Months To Create This Domino Arrangement. The End Result Is Amazing


People work in teams where they often regret being paired together probably because it is due to the fact that most of the people end up doing nothing in the name of team work and some perfectionist is too involved in the work that he / she wouldn’t let anyone even an inch closer to the project. So yes, team work sometimes is just a name of a person and his pair of minions along.

Now this video is like a series of Dominoes one after the other. I’m like woah because this is something than none of you would want to destroy by the end of the video. This thing and I mean this project is like huge. It covers over 3 minutes and all throughout the gig is real. There are like about thousands of dominoes that fall out one after the other cracking one piece of project to another and everything is so perfectly executed that if God forbid only one of them wouldn’t have worked well everything would have collapsed. But this is a tremendous effort and the result is absolutely fruit borne. I was hooked till the end because everything was so intricately put up that I didn’t want it to fall off.

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