Kimbo Slice Wins with an Ear-Popping Punch to James Thompson




The video of Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson features how deadly a punch can be for a fighter in the MMA sport. In the third and final round, Kimbo Slice wins with a right punch that pops James Thompson’s ears like a grape, which was aggravated during the early rounds. The commentator was saying that it was a tough fight for Kimbo during the early rounds and fatigue is already evident on both MMA fighters. The next salvo of punches eventually forces the referee to stop the fight and give the win to Kimbo. Even with the injury James Thompson was frustrated with the stoppage and took a shot at the referee. It just shows how much James was determined to win and still thought he had a chance to make a comeback. Most of the video focuses on the ear injury. Kimbo Slice is the winner by TKO in this exciting fight and has a 3-0 record.

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