Mutant Lion Dog Prank

Many people are afraid of being in an arm’s length of a beast which is in fact true because a beast won’t spare you from that distance or rather any distance at all. Why in the world will we name it a beast for no reason, because there is always a reason to it. Lion, tiger, cheetah, grizzly bear all these kinds of beats are deadly they can spare you to death just with a simple scratch from their paw.

This prank is something that cracked up half of the people who got into it. The dog look alike lion prank. In fact it should be the other way round meaning the lion look alike dog prank. Seriously it just a dog wearing a lion mane and running around people because at first glance you can’t really distinguish but you need to have sense because a fully grown men is huge and not anything being close to that height and size. But seeing something is sometime manipulative as you are tricking the people and you tend to be good at it. It was great to see how people were about to pee in their pants and ran for their lives.


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