Epic Shake Weight Prank On Cops Gets Prankster Arrested

There are tons and tons of ideas out there where great pranksters venture and then bring about one of the finest, thought of prank videos.

Some videos get pretty stupid and lame because some guys go after glam and fame and they don’t really care what kind of content they are sending out in the masses. It should be comedy, fun and light but it shouldn’t be racist, low profile and junk.


Roman Atwood knows what he is dealing with and how responsibly he should be taking it. He has done a dozen videos where he has pranked the cops but never really has he got himself arrested.

This time around he grabs a corner or a trash bin and sets a weird angle to do some exercise with the vibrating weight, known to be the weight shaker. Now when I saw it first my reaction was the same as the cops but that was for 10 seconds because I could see what he was doing there but the cops gad a great time realizing the truth because it was hard for them to actually look in there to identify what basically he was at, in the first place.

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