A 72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Pranks A Gym, Goes From Geriatric Mode To Beast Mode

They say age is just a number, which is true, but it’s a number that signifies how long you’ve been alive for and it’s a sad fact that the older you get, the harder it becomes to perform tasks that were a piece of p*ss in your youth.Bones start to creak, muscles hurt, and even rolling your arm over in the local cricket nets can cause sore titties for weeks afterwards.But there are some people out there that make it their personal mission to defy the onslaught of time, like the bloody legend in this video.

72-year-old Spanish bodybuilder Rafael Vera decided to play a prank on some youngins in a local gym. Accompanied by his old mates, Vera – who is wearing a fat suit – and his friends take a tour of the gym and attempt to use the equipment, with varying degrees of success.The young gym-goers – who are in the middle of their workouts – watch the old-timers attempts, with expressions that range from amused to concerned.Then Vera steps up to the plate for a spot of bench-pressing. He plays the part perfectly and looks bewildered while attempting to lift the weights.