It’s only natural that an idiot wearing a “Keep Calm” shirt would start a fight at an NFL pre season event, right? We’ve got two guys fighting in the stands, culminating in an absolutely brutal amount of blood flowing from the mouth and nose of the guy who started it. This all kicked off at the Nissan Stadium in Tennessee over the weekend during an NFL pre season training session for the Titans. That’s right, it wasn’t even a game, and presumably, these guys were both there to support the Titans, so what the heck are they brawling about?

Batman puts his hand out calmly asking for the phone to be returned, before the “Keep Calm” guy says “I’m gonna kill you,” before pushing Batman hard in the throat. That’s when things really kick into gear, and Batman responds with a heavy right hand straight into “Keep Calm” guy’s jaw. “Hey, stop!” yells an onlooker as Batman falls down across a row of seats. “Keep Calm” guy instantly pounces on his opponent, grabbing Batman in a headlock and delivering some hammer fists to the side of his head.