Don`t you ever try this

You must have the empty-handed skills to use the Five Ds in a close-in gunfight BEFORE you try to draw your firearm. Your firearm is a powerful force multiplier but against a drawn gun and with the attention on you, it is not a useful tool. Drawing on a drawn gun with attention on you is a dying man’s game, so make sure to pick the time to draw your gun when you have opportunity to get ahead in initiative and use your firearm effectively.

Marksmanship absolutely matters! The second officer had a very small center of mass of the mugger to shoot at, as the rest was covered by an innocent. Taking a headshot on a moving target under duress with rounds coming back at you is not easy by any means, so OWNING the marksmanship portion of the equation without question is an important skill. You don’t want to question whether you can hit a small target!
he second officer waited for his opportunity, and that was awesome. He used a submissive posture of hands up, palms out, fingers spread to show submission to the attacker, right up until the attacker wasn’t paying attention anymore. Then, the fight was ON! That is what we call a counter-ambush, and it can be a very effective tactic.