The biggest PitBull on Earth.

It takes years of practice to train any of your pets, cats, dogs, parrots or even hamsters. It takes a lot of patience and care to get the animal to do something that is not completely in its domain.

This is a huge pitbull that can terrify anyone who tries to negatively engage with him or his owner. It’s really important to accurately train your guard dog when you’re keeping it for the sole purpose of you and your family’s protection. The dog should be able to prepare itself after any visible or audible signal. “The Hulk” here is being trained to the core. He knows when to lift itself for attack and when to lay the guns down. His aggression and his attack has been trained and tuned for the right time and with the right cues. His race, speed and gesture are so incredible that it makes him look extremely magnificent. In my opinion the credit entirely goes to the owner for his time, effort, energy and care because an animal would never co-operate with you unless and until it has been cared for it. This dog is such an example of the bond a master and his pet shares and the time a strong relationship requires getting this kind of training in to action.

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