Shocking moment

A disturbing video shows the moment where two police officers were shot in the Baixada Fluminense in Brazil. The attack occurred in February 2014 but the images were revealed in 2015.According to reported Globo News, the PMs were standing in a traffic jam on the Washington Luiz Highway, at the height of a slum in Duque de Caxias. They called the siren to make way. Criminals who were also in the congestion thought it would be addressed and started shooting.

The windows of the police car were destroyed by fire. The police officer who is in the passenger seat, identified as Cape Lisbon, was shot in the head. According to police, he got sequels and is away from work. The driver is the warrant officer Derley. He was also shot, but had no serious injuries.Another four people who were in two buses that followed behind the police car were also shot. Criminals abandoned the car and fle.