Jumps from electrical tower

Brazil РAfter almost an hour of negotiating with the firefighters, Jos̩ Alves Machado , 50, threw himself from the high voltage tower located at Rua Clodoaldo Ursulano in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, in Cascavel.
Police isolated the blocks nearby and the electrical company attempted to cut the power but failed. The man was emotionally unbalanced. First he sat on the highest point of the tower. Touched the wires, but took no shock because he was holding the ground wire. at some point he threatened to walk the wire.

About ten firefighters tried to negotiate with him and get him stop with safety equipment.
professionals tried to reach the victim, but the live wires got in the way. The mother was called to try to talk the man down. Shaken, the woman begged for his life. she tried talking to him by in vain. then tried to stay in line of sight of he.