Could Mike Tyson At 20 Beat Muhammad Ali At 20?

Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali both are the living legends of boxing arena. It is because of them indeed that boxing has reached this point that the world recognizes the starts, fan follow them and appreciate them for their efforts. It is because of their performances that the boxers have become starts of today. There is no comparison regarding these two legends, they are simply beyond the scale of appreciation.

Tyson here is interviewed for a show and the interviewer asks him, how it would be if you at 20 come and fights against Muhammad Ali at 20. Tyson had a lot of praises to be given under Muhammad Ali’s name but all in all he also pointed out that he did not seem to have any defensive mode of play, though Ali’s mobility and strike were always pot on and that made him like an animal because he never stayed back in giving away a great punch and admits that he might have drown him at that age too because he is simply special somehow. It is very hard and brave of a star is it a sportsman to appreciate the work and talent of another star even of the past and Tyson indeed has a very brave and big heart.

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