Woman survives horrific accident

Incidents may match with existing ‘problems’ (without a known root cause) or ‘known errors’ (with a known root cause) under the control of problem management and registered in the known-error database ( KeDB ). Where existing workarounds have been developed, it is suggested that referencing these will allow the service desk to provide a quick first-line fix. When an incident is not the result of a problem or known error, it may be either an isolated or individual occurrence or may (once the initial issue has been addressed) require that the problem management process become involved, possibly resulting in a new problem record being raised and registered for future reference.

When multiple occurrences of related incidents are observed, a problem record should be created as a result. The management of a problem differs from the process of managing an incident and is typically performed by different staff and controlled by the problem management process. Root cause analysis is part of problem resolution.